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Work Yourself Out of a Job

Work Yourself Out of a Job The idea, “Work yourself out of a job,” sounds weird, but is a piece of advice I have used to great success. This mantra is useful for building a self‐sufficient workplace which: Empowers direct subordinates to lead Builds future leaders Instills the practice of delegation   Builds buy‐in or a sense of ownership PROS: This approach allows you to keep a strategic focus, build a workplace vision, and monitor the growth of your subordinates. This is important because these things are incredibly difficult to do when you are bogged down in the daily grind. This may sound too high level for Squadron‐level Flight Command or Shop Chief, but it works at any level. A strategic view in these cases gives the leader the ability to see the larger picture of where the office is headed in relation to the echelons above it. Just because you work at a squadron level doesn’t mean you can’t have Group, Wing, NAF, MAJCOM


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