Not Satisfied? -- The Good, Bad & Ugly

Not Satisfied? - The Good, Bad & Ugly

THE GOOD – A Source of Motivation

Not satisfied? If channeled correctly, dissatisfaction can be used as motivation to improve as an officer, father, spouse, athlete, or person. No one is perfect and it is healthy to continually strive to improve. However, it can be unhealthy if you only dwell on the negative. Instead of focusing on the negative parts of myself, I try to imagine the person I should be and work to bridge that gap.

THE BAD – Can Kill Opportunities

Not satisfied with your performance report? This can happen because our perception of ourselves does not align with how others perceive us. The key is to openly communicate with your rater or supervisor, so that you are never surprised by your rating. Good supervisors should let their subordinates know when they are not meeting expectations as soon as possible and allow time to improve. 

“Check your ego at the door. The ego can be the great success inhibitor. It can kill opportunities, and it can kill success.” - Dwayne Johnson

It’s human to feel shocked when we don’t get what we feel we deserve (eg. an award, promotion, position). But, it is important to realize that while you are performing well, there are always others out there who are better. We have all seen people derail their careers by focusing on the disappointment instead of the things they are doing well.

“Solve your boss’s boss’s problems.” – ‘Lorenz on Leadership’ by Gen. Stephen Lorenz

If you want to be promoted, the usual expectation is to prove that you can perform at the next highest rank. I make it my personal goal to think at least one level higher and solve my boss’s boss’s problems. If everyone could do this, it would take considerable pressure off our leaders and prove that we can perform at the next highest rank.

THE UGLY – Can Destroy Your Personal Life

“The key to happiness is being content with what you have.” – Heidi Grant Halvorson

You can’t aspire to achieve great things professionally if you have personal problems. The quote above is useful in guiding everyone’s personal life because it can get very ugly if we dwell on the things we don’t have (eg. money, cars, large-screen television, large house, etc). The key is to be thankful for the things we do have.

I struggle with this myself. Not in a material sense, but in my relationship with my spouse. It is too easy to see the negatives in others without appreciating the positives. Now, I try to make it a point of telling my wife something I am grateful for each day. This has improved our relationship recently and is something I wish I would have done since the beginning.


Satisfaction is a major factor to perceived happiness. Dissatisfaction can be good if channeled properly, it can be bad if our expectations are not met, and it can be ugly if we dwell on it. Hopefully, this article provided some perspectives which are useful.


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